Artículo: Developing the Edges of Japanese Photography

Mayumi Hosokura, “Cat (Blue)” (2014)
 «The Close to the Edge: New Photography from Japan exhibition at Miyako Yoshinaga looks to position the gallery as an organization that shapes the conversation around historical and contemporary photography from Japan. The gallery hired Russet Lederman, an editor, co-founder of 10×10 Photobooks, and teacher at the School of Visual Arts, to curate the exhibition. Lederman seems to have the prerequisite knowledge of the field: in 2014 she co-edited 10×10 Japanese Photobooks, a compendium of the Japanese photo books published in the last 60 years. Her guiding thesis for this exhibition is that these are all “post-internet” photographers who are moving beyond the inherited categorizations and definitions that, until now, have framed this art form.

This is an old avant-gardist story: heralding art that pushes beyond its formal boundaries and fractures long-held illusions. Close to the Edge actually accomplishes some of these ambitions, and at the same time illustrates a clear (not quite generational) dividing line between artists whose practices demonstrate a loyalty to the medium as an aestheticized conveyor of content and younger artists who don’t seem interested in that game. [...] »

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